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Welcome to this website for Aonghas Grant, AKA Angus Grant, AKA the Left-Handed Fiddler of Lochaber. These pages contain some information about Aonghas, his upcoming book The Glengarry Collection, and some photos. Contributions to the website, such as articles, photos and other ideas, are always welcome. Check through the various links, and come back soon.


Aonghas Grant's The Glengarry Collection Volume 1 is NOW AVAILABLE! The release date was October 21, 2010. Copies can be had from any of the authors - Aonghas, Peggy, Laura, Barbara. Also, from music shops - such as The Folk Arts Center, and from For more information, go to the BOOK page.

The Glengarry Collection includes a DVD with Aonghas playing 61 of the tunes in the book. One of the clips is up on YouTube - click HERE and enjoy the beautiful old Gaelic air. Check back for more.

Note new photos on the PHOTOS page.

Aonghas' recent CD The Hills of Glengarry is out and about. It is released by Shoogle Records and includes a great variety of tunes, including many by Aonghas. It is really wonderful to hear these players and these tunes and will be a welcome addition to any Scottish fiddle CD library. For more information, go to ABOUT Aonghas. Norman Chalmers writes: "In this age of creeping homogeneity, if you want a mature taste of salt, peat and Gaelic in your fiddle music, here it is."

There are some pretty neat interviews of Aonghas at Am Baile. You can listen to the interview, and/or read the transcriptions. They were done with Moray Firth Radio in the 1990s.

There are some YouTube sightings of Aonghas here, here and, hilariously, here.

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